32% Americans travelled on Memorial Day Weekend

32% Americans travelled on Memorial Day Weekend

The deadly impacts of the Corona Virus in the USA have started to reduce as the majority of the people have followed the guidelines, i.e., social distancing, wearing masks, etc. Following this perspective, a lot of people have taken a break from the quarantine time as they went out to spend their Memorial Day Weekend along with friends, families, and closed ones. Around 43% of people traveled with their partners, mostly using a personal vehicle, to chill out during the weekend.

American Express Travel conducted thorough research from a recent survey from which they found different interesting travel facts on the Memorial Day Weekend. This online survey, carried out on 26th and 27th May, included a considerable sample space of 2200 adults having an income of $70,000 or higher.

According to this survey, 32% of Americans have traveled during Memorial Day Weekend. This number is enormous, considering the prior condition of the country. As the COVID-19 curve has begun to flatten, many people have started transportation. The number of people on the streets has already started to increase as organizations, institutions, businesses, etc. are reopening.

Several people who traveled on Memorial Day took the traveling decision at the last minute as they wanted to spend a holiday that is different from the usual routine. The estimated percentage for those people is around 41%.

Additionally, most of the people traveled in groups. People, along with their companions, mostly went using their vehicles as they still lack confidence in public transport and airlines.

According to the researches, COVID-19 is very less likely to harm the young and mid-aged people in contrast to the babies and older people. Because of this, the percentage of young Americans traveling was way more than other age groups. Out of all the age groups, millennials went the most on Memorial Day weekend, having a high percentage of 48%.

The proportion of travelers also varied to a huge extend based on the geographical location.

Having a summed calculation of 36%, people living in the western USA traveled the most. The Southern part of the USA comes next with a 34% travel increase. In contrast to these numbers, the Northeast and Midwest people went out on trip a little less with fractions of 28% and 29%. Also, many people took short trips, usually around 25 and 50 miles from their homes, to suburban areas.