5 Cheap or Free Ways to Upgrade Your Travel Arsenal Now

5 Cheap or Free Ways to Upgrade Your Travel Arsenal Now

Traveling is a very wonderful experience. It gives you the opportunity to see so many different sights and meet a lot of interesting people. This is why most travel lovers seem to never be able to sit still for long before jetting off to any location. The truth remains that there are so many beautiful scenes to view and take in that you couldn’t possibly see them all, even if you tried. But that’s part of the fun of travelling, isn’t it?

Whether you’re traveling purely for business or you’re just checking out various sights and attractions to soak in the local culture, it’s always important for you to do so in convenience and style. You’re no good to yourself at any meeting or cultural event if you have a crank in your neck or a bad headache because you couldn’t sleep well at night.

The present situation of things around the world is quite unpleasant, to put it mildly. It extensively prohibits traveling, for whatever reason. One thing that can be really helpful to think about through this period is that eventually, it’ll all blow over. Travel bans will soon be lifted and you’ll be free again to move as you please.

In the meantime, it’ll be really helpful for you to think about one or two additions or changes you can make to your travel kit that will improve your traveling experience the next time you’re on the road. While this might seem like a really small part of the whole traveling business, it plays an important role in how well you’re able to hold yourself when you do get to your travel destination.

So do take the time to think of the possible upgrades you can make to your existing travel equipment. The good thing about this is that you get to test out some of these upgrades while you’re still home.

Without further ado, here are a couple of really great additions you can consider making to your existing travel arsenal. What’s really awesome about these tools is that they lend themselves easily to use whether you’re home or on your way to a meeting or event abroad.

Inflatable Back Pillows

A really great addition to your travel kit is the inflatable back pillow. This particular tool can be very useful for your to increase your level of comfort. What’s really cool about the inflatable back pillow is how enjoyable it can be to use not just while you’re on a trip somewhere but also right there at home.

For people who are able to work conveniently from home, a potential hazard of this is the sort of toll this activity takes on the back. A significant number of people working from home find themselves complaining increasingly about how rough working is on their backs. For people who are intimately familiar with traveling, you know that the complaint is basically the same.

Sitting down for extended periods of time can place a real strain on your lumbar. This is not something you can afford to take with levity. A primary reason for this is that left unchecked, this small matter could become something worse. Well, getting yourself an inflatable back pillow can go a long way in offering your back just the right support it needs. Whether you’re on a trip or working hard from the confines of your home, an inflatable back pillow is sure to come in handy for you. With a good back pillow, you can deflate it after you’re done using it to brace your back from slouching.

Portable White Noise Machine

A portable white noise machine is essential for your productive. Are you wondering how this could possibly be true? Well, imagine you’re finally free and able to travel for that important conference or meeting and the night before the big day, you couldn’t get the required amount of sleep you need to be able to perform at the top of your game. Would your level of productivity be at its peak or fall during the course of that meeting? Of course, it wouldn’t be what it’s supposed to be!

However, what if you could prevent al of that Dr ever happening? What if there was a way you could ensure you always get the quality sleep you need? With a portable white noise machine, you could get all the sleep you need, and pack it up easily once you’re done. The gentle and even sound the machine produces will get you in the mood to rest and sleep in no time at all.

Damage-Proof Your Suitcase

The condition of your suitcase is very important. How your suitcase fares plays a major role in determining the kind of luggage you can move, and the ease with which you can move it.

If you know your suitcase isn’t currently in good condition, this is a great opportunity to get it functional before the lock down and all is lifted.

Traveling with a damaged suitcase is one sure way to put a huge damper on your trip. Rather than opt to buy a brand new suitcase, you could just fix the old and reliable one you have. You could try replacing or adjusting the wheels, getting and using a zipper repair kit, adjusting the screws on the wheels and handle and oiling the telescoping handle.

Get Luggage-Organizing Straps

These straps can serve you on several levels for multiple purposes. You could use them to package wires and cables you’re fed up of seeing just lying around. You could also make use of them to compress clothes and gear easily into smaller bags.

Packing Cubes

You can never go wrong with packing cubes. They can be a very wonderful addition to your travel kit. You can use the old ones to store things you’ll not be needing for a while. The new packing cubes you can save for when you’re finally ready to hit the road.