5 Tips For How To Pack Smart And Efficient When Travelling As A Guy

5 Tips For How To Pack Smart And Efficient When Travelling As A Guy

It could be for business, it could be for pleasure, or even a mixture of both, but traveling generally can be a bit of a difficult process. Traveling, especially long distance means that you need to be able to pack everything such that you don’t get to your destination only to find out that you didn’t bring something that was absolutely vital, and can’t be replaced where you are.

This is one reason why it is very important you pay careful attention to what you pack. Of course, trying to make sure you move with everything you could possibly need comes with hazards of its own. In a bid to make sure you don’t forget something you’ll actually need, you end up starting to pack things you think you might need. Of course, in the end, the result of packing too much or packing too little is essentially the same. This problem is an even bigger issue for guys as they tend to want to travel without as much luggage as possible. Yet, in the process of trying to pick what little to pack, they wound up packing a bit more than they originally intended to.

So how do you deal with this? How do you, as a guy, make sure that you pack just the right things the right way?

Here are a few helpful tips to get you on the road.

1. Try To Pack Light

This is the very first step in making sure you travel efficiently. Of course, we know that this isn’t exactly very easy to do. Yet, have you noticed that whenever you travel, you almost always end up wishing you didn’t brought so much luggage? This only goes to show that everyone always tends to go a bit overboard when it comes to packing for trips.

How to deal with this? There’s actually a very simple trick to it, and that’s to get a smaller traveling bag. How exactly would this help? Much like how minimalists use it, a smaller bag will compel you to prioritize and put in the most important things first. Also, once the bag is full, you simply have to stop packing, no matter what else you’d like to put in.

An added advantage of switching to a smaller bag is that it gives you easier mobility and doesn’t drain as much energy about.

2. Use Organizers and Pack in Layers

Packing in layers is an awesome way to travel. It helps you by removing the need for you to pack for every single situation or activity you have to perform. When you pack in layers, you are afforded the opportunity of changing your base layer every day while you can expertly mix and match the items you wear on top. The beauty of layers lies in the level of flexibility and comfort that it affords you.

3. Roll Your Clothes While You Pack

As simple as this might actually sound, you’d be surprised at how helpful it is. Remember that smaller bag we asked you to get? Well, rolling your clothes will help you make the best possible use of that bag. With the aid of organizers, you can roll all the clothes you plan to wear on your trip and still have plenty of room to spare! Rolling clothes isn’t just limited to one clothing item. You can roll everything from pants to shorts and underwear.

4. Don’t Pack Unnecessarily

What does this mean? Imagine you work away from the family and you’re planning on heading back home to spend the holidays with them. Do not pack any items you know you already have at home. There’s no point in lugging these items around, especially if you will end up needing them when you get back from the trip. Also, try not to pack items you’ll be able to get easily or very cheaply where you’re traveling to.

As a general rule, you can skip packing anything you’ll need that costs less than $10. You can always get those where you’re headed.

5. Wash During the Trip

Hand washing your clothes is another great way to pack smartly as a guy. Hand washing your clothes affords you the opportunity of packing less off everything as you can just wash if you’re running low. Some simple tricks that can help you with this include packing quick-dry types of synthetic clothing. These dry very quickly and will save you from having to pack wet laundry in your suitcase. Also, factor in how long each trip will last so you know how to space out the lengths of time you’ll have to wash.