7 Awesome Tips on Creating Your Own Travel Video

7 Awesome Tips on Creating Your Own Travel Video

When it comes to really communicating, nothing beats using an audio-visual channel. They grab and hold onto the attention of people in a way that no other means of communication has been able to even rival.

As such, capturing and reporting those truly amazing moments, no other method can give your audience the fullest benefit of that experience the way capturing it on video can. Making a video of an interesting ceremony or occasion can preserve and then relate that experience to your viewers in a manner that is easy for them to not just grasp, but relate to and absorb.

What makes this method of capturing memorable moments all the more delightful is how relatively inexpensive it is. You don’t have to use heavy equipment, if you don’t want to. With something as handy as your mobile or a Go Pro, you can bring moments to life for members of your audience. Also, due to how easy the whole process is, you don’t need to get professional training, at least for a start. While there is certainly a lot it’s important that you know, provided you’re very interested in learning how to make nice videos, you’ll do fine. With a few simple hacks to help get you started, you’ll be all good to go in no time at all.

One very great thing about this is how easy it is to share your videos with the world. With a few clicks of your button, you can get your video on various social media platforms. You could even enter video contests and win big! Interested? Here are some tips to get you on the road to being a great video maker!

1. Plan Your Shoots

The best videos don’t just happen. A certain measure of thought and careful planning goes into them. So before you set out to make those really great videos you have in mind, take a few moments to sit back and plan how the whole shoot will go.

Planning will give you good focus. This will help you in determining what kind of video you want to shoot. Once you’ve comfortably identified what type of video you’ll be making, you can develop a shot list. This shot list is what’ll help you determine what types of shot must be present in your video by the time you’re done taking it. Essentially, it’ll help you stay on mission.

Another helpful tip here is for you to do a bit of leg work. Check out other forums that put up travel videos and try to get a fill of how they do it. See what works for them and try to figure out why. From there, you may be able to find a thing or two you can add to your style to make you better.

2. Make Sure You’re Telling a Story

Every good travel video tells an interesting story. It doesn’t have to be anything complex or extensively laid out. The most important thing is that you give the travel location you’re planning to make a video about some context. This means doing more than just shooting that scenic location.

To make your travel video really work, you need to include things like your journey to that location, the interesting people you met along the way and the other little things that people ordinarily wouldn’t see.

3. Make Your Video Personal

Adding a personal touch to your videos can make all the difference. More than just capturing each shot, you could give your readers some good information presented in a manner that is friendly and engaging. In addition to just rolling the camera, you could add some engaging narrative like where you’re shooting from, your reaction and feeling while you were taking that video and so on.

4. Carry the Right Equipment

Like we mentioned earlier, starting out making your video, you don’t need to go buy high-end equipment. However, make sure that what equipment you do use is as optimized for the task as possible. Assuming, for example that you’re using a Go Pro, getting different types of mounts to support it will help make your shoot better.

Also, good quality videos can consume a sizable amount of battery power and storage space. So while on the move, it’ll be helpful for you to pack as many extra batteries and memory storage devices as you possibly can.

5. Get Good Balance

Nothing spoils the beauty of a good travel video like a shaky video shoot. This means that keeping your video as balanced as possible is very important. If you need to make the video while moving, a trick to help you keep the shooting as smooth as possible is to draw the camera closer to you as you move. Also, taking light steps and making sure you keep your center of gravity low should do the trick for you.

You can also get a tripod stand, if you aren’t very good with keeping the camera steady.

6. Incorporate Motion

The ease with which motion can be easily incorporated into a video is yet another awesome benefit of using videos. If you can properly take advantage of this, it is sure to significantly improve how your videos turn out.

A helpful tip for you here would be to watch as many professional videos as you can. The more of this that you do, the easier it would be for you to incorporate motion into the travel videos that you make.

7. Editorialize and Have Fun

To get that perfect travel video, you need to take at least three to four times more shots than you need from as many vantage points, angles and lightings as you possibly can. This is the only way you’ll be able to fully piece together a perfect video. Editing is a very important part of this process. Your videos shouldn’t be so short that it’s not informative enough or so long that it bores your audience. The recommended length of a travel video is under 4 minutes. You can make the most of that. Let your creative side run free. Don’t see it all as a chore. Be as expressive as you can and just ease into it.

So having picked up these tips, don’t be shy to press the record button when headed to locations you know you’d like to share with everyone. Give people the benefit of your travel experience and have some fun while doing it.