7 Reasons Why You Will Love An Eastern Mediterranean Cruise

10 Reasons Why You Will Love An Eastern Mediterranean Cruise

Very few places in the world hold the level of pristine beauty that is evident all over the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. A place rich with so much culture and tradition, it seems to ooze it with every sight you see. What makes this place so much more enchanting is the delicate balance it has managed to achieve between both ancient and modern civilization. From beaches that seem to be painted by talented artists to the most dazzling architecture and delicacies you’re likely to ever find, the list of places to see and explore along the Eastern Mediterranean Sea is virtually endless. But if you’re a bit short on time and you’d like to see some really awesome sights, here is a list of our top seven (7) reasons the Eastern Mediterranean seas should be your choice. Enjoy!

1. The Greek Isles

If you’re looking for the true definition of culture and history, the Greek Isles will give it to you in the most exquisite manner and style. Cruising through the Mediterranean, your trip would definitely not be a complete one without seeing Paros, Kos, Mykonos or Rhodes. These beautiful places tinted in blue, the mesmerizing calderas, the amazing cobblestone paths and the most tastefully prepared seafood would make you wish you’d never leave.

2. Check Out the Empires

There’s a reason a lot of people hail the Mediterranean as the cradle of civilization. When you see the magnificent edifices and structures left behind by some of the greatest civilizations in the world such as the Greeks, the Persians and the Turkish, among many others, we’re sure you’d agree with them. One reason the Eastern Mediterranean remains so popular a sight is the perfect balance struck by the sun and the beaches here. When this sight is further accentuated by the historic landmarks scattered around, you know a wonderful sight is laid before you.

3. Dine On Exquisite Seafood Cuisines

Do you love seafood? If you do, you’ll feel right at home here! The vast array of mouth-watering seafood delicacies at your disposal here will leave you craving more and more. You’d most likely have started getting a taste of what you’re in for on the restaurants on your cruise ship. However, the avalanche of taste that’ll hit you when you eat in the ports will be something you won’t forget anytime soon.

4. You Get To See Israel

While cruising the Eastern Mediterranean seas, you get to visit Israel too! This is a huge two for the price of one deal. On the Eastern Mediterranean seas, you could make a quick stop at ports Ashdod and Haifa.

These two ports open you to a veritable cornucopia of experience. From seeing the great wall of Jerusalem to checking out Galilee to see where Jesus was baptized, this is virtually an entire trip on its own.

5. Travel In Comfort

The sights are always much easier to take in and absorb when you’re doing it in a measure of comfort and style. Traveling the Eastern Mediterranean seas helps you achieve this in a way that few other trips possibly can. What makes cruising the Mediterranean so special is that, unlike how traveling is on under trips, you never have to lug your things around with you as far as accommodations are concerned.

All you need do is go out, see the lovely sights you’ve come to see, and when the day comes to an end, you simply move back to the homely comforts your cruise ship affords you.

6. See the Different Facets of the Eastern Mediterranean Seas

The Eastern Mediterranean seas are truly a most magnificent place. It spans several areas and covers so many attractions. Choosing to cruise the Eastern Mediterranean seas means you’ll get to see the Greek Isles, the Black Sea, the Holy Land and/or the Adriatic Sea and Dalmatian Coast. The sights and multiple attractions that any of these scenic areas will present you are sure to be worth the trip for you.

7. The Seas Lead Everywhere

Yet another awesome benefit of choosing to cruise the Eastern Mediterranean seas is that unlike cruises across other seas, the port you take off from isn’t always the one you end the trip at. This means that you often get to see and experience new sights going as well as coming back. It also lets you decide whether the journey is over or if you’d like to see more still.