Boeing launches new travel initiative to get passengers on planes

Boeing launches new travel initiative to get passengers on planes

As the condition of COVID-19 continues to normalize because of the strict precautionary measures, the airlines have managed to maintain their operations throughout the world. The conditions that were once alarming have started to improve. So, air traveling has been permitted again. Although not all of them are in the working process, and not all the passengers are allowed, a lot has resumed depending upon the geographical location, and they have continued to board the passengers with right health conditions.

The biggest challenge that the airlines are currently facing is switching passengers back to the air travel as most of the people are continuing their social distancing process. To deal with this issue, Boeing Airlines has started a new initiative that will bring back the confidence of safe travel to the passengers. They have appointed Mike Delaney to convince the passengers to consider air travel as their primary source of long-distance travel.

Boeing, Mile Delaney, and his team will work on this project to create new solutions to limit the health risks during the complete process of traveling. Additionally, they will engage in the awareness process of sustaining essential health concerns. Presently working as the vice president of the digital transformation at Boeing Commercial Planes, Mike Delaney will utilize his 31 years of leadership expertise in creating and handling safety measures.

Considering health and safety as his top priority, the Boeing Chief Executive David Calhoun stated that air travel has started to continue again with all the required restrictions.

Additionally, he mentioned that necessary actions would be taken from the design, build, and service team so that healthy travel can be resumed.

Mike Delaney, along with a team of professionals, will continue to stabilize the air travel situation by working directly with other airlines, international airline regulatory experts, stakeholders, and of course, the passengers. With this regard, the health management teams and behavior specialists will be appointed to develop and maintain standardized health procedures.

With these statements in mind, we will continue to see different airlines taking actions according to the appropriate requirements to keep on working.