Driving Between States During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Driving Between States During the COVID-19 Pandemic

All the states have instructed the citizens to stay indoors because of the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus. To stop the number of cases from increasing, most of the outdoor activity is closed or is taken into consideration using strict measures. The same is going on with traveling.

Although many businesses are working remotely, there are many situations where the person needs to be physically present at the office or working space. Therefore, people have to commute. Also, because of the closed businesses, schools, universities, etc., many wants to move back to their home states, but they are having many concerns like it is allowed to move between states during the lockdown? What is the safest way to go? Etc. To solve these uncertainties, we have provided a few points to keep in mind while traveling.

Traveling between the States:

You can quickly drive anywhere within the country as long as you are maintaining social distancing. It is legal to drive between the states as there is no direct restriction implemented by the US constitution regarding the travel. Still, there is a condition that you may have to spend a few days in quarantine when you travel from one state to another. Since New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut have the highest number of Corona cases in the last few months, you may have to spend a few days in quarantine after driving out of these states.

Some states and areas have applied check and balance requirements such as social distancing, cleanliness, etc. while driving, but they have not directly blocked or sealed the areas for outsiders.

The execution of the rules regarding this contagious disease is up to the state government and local authorities; therefore, keeping up with the latest news is essential.

Quarantine Information:

Numerous states are discouraging individuals from insignificant travel due to the quarantine necessities. Essential travel between the states requires you to quarantine yourself once you reach the destination. For Example, Wisconsin has implemented a 14-day quarantine requirement for outsiders. Arizona has placed a rule to isolate people for 14 days if they arrive from New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut.

Things to consider before Interstate Travel:

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the Corona Virus by staying at home. Only travel if it is an absolute necessity. A person may be infected but may not realize it as the virus shows very mild symptoms initially. Therefore, first, get the information on whether COVID-19 is spreading where you live or not. Also, do not travel with babies or older adults as they are much more sensitive.

Screening Condition at the Border:

Not all states have implemented the condition of screening. But some states such as Florida, Texas, etc. have positioned checkup points along with the border crossings. You may have to fill out a form as a requirement of 14-day quarantine if you are staying in the state. If you are just passing from the state, you can go on without any screening tests or other requirements.

Punishment for driving:

Since all the traveling is entirely legal, there is no punishment regarding this. On the contrary, if you provide some false information regarding the medical condition, screening test, or quarantine time, you may have to spend time in jail and pay a hefty fine.

Since COVID-19 cases are on the increasing line, it will be beneficial for you to check the state’s official website regarding the updated rules and border crossing information.