How COVID-19 Is Waging a New War on Air Passenger Rights

How COVID-19 Is Waging a New War on Air Passenger Rights

Many times, we have experienced that the airlines have not been able to follow the rights and regulations for the passengers. There are the mandatory passenger regulations guidelines implemented officially, but airlines overlook them most of the time. The requirements such as repayments for the called off flights, compensations for the extensive interruptions, etc. are not disregarded without any credit.

Several Travelers are facing the same dilemma in these adverse conditions of COVID-19. Since most of the flights are called off or delayed, there comes a huge financial concern. Although many airlines are trying to solve the economic problems for the passengers by following the legal requirements, the overall impact is enormous because of the global crisis.

Rules implemented by the EU:

In the past, the European Union regulated the flight delay problem by compensating the passengers in the form of providing economic benefit. This regulation is named as EU 261/2004 according to which, a passenger will be paid $275 for a two-hour delay, $435 for three-hour delay, and $650 for four-hour delay.

Also, the distances for the flight for these delays should be 930 miles (ca. 1,497 km), 5600 miles (ca. 9,012 km), 2175 miles (ca. 3,500 km) respectively.

Additionally, it is also a responsibility of the air company to deliver lodgings to the passengers if the trip is delayed overnight or for more than 5 hours. The passengers could get a complete refund too if they had missed the purpose of their travel, i.e. meeting, deadline, etc. even if he/she had travelled to the destination.

Another airline regulation termed as EU 261 has been implemented, according to which, if the airline provides some logical reasoning such as extraordinary circumstances for the flight delay, additional sum to the travelers can be avoided.

Changes in the European Union Travel Policy:

Because of the global pandemic of COVID-19, many new proposals and approaches are under consideration. According to the latest submission of European Union, the delay periods have been extended, i.e. two hours delay policy has been moved to three hours, three-hour delay policy has been moved to four and so on. Some avoidable layovers have been completely cut off.

Several travellers in the states are unaware of many flight policies. Therefore, they had to deal with the consequences. Most of the US domestic airlines do not provide cash compensation for delays. The passengers can only get the refunds if they apply for cancellation on time. From the airline, they only get the benefit of the airline has overbooked.

The current regulations of air travel are still under the thought process of the officials. Because the outbreak of the virus holds no boundaries, both airlines and booked passengers are under serious catastrophe. Both the European Union and the US officials have not well-thought-out the credit card refund policy. Additionally, neither of them has provided financial grants to airlines to handle the situation.

This situation is alarming, but the best passengers can do to keep themselves updated by following the latest trends in these chaotic circumstances.