How Safe Is Air Travel?

How Safe Is Air Travel

Traveling in the air has helped us get from one place to another, especially to a destination that you can’t drive your car to. Many to-be travelers wonder if it is safe enough to travel in the air. Yes, we have all heard about plane crashes, but that aside for right now and think about your trip.

You’re Not the Only One

First things first, we should establish that nobody is alone when it comes to the fear of flying. Arguably, air travel is dangerous due to incidents that have happened in the past. But, crew members and flight attendants work to make it as safe as a flight for passengers.

Why Do We Have a Fear of Air Travel?

Reading all those statistics doesn’t help. Even for people who don’t research the stats like they’re an exam, have a fear of being up in the air far above the ground.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Air Travel

Just like how all people fear something, we can’t hold onto it forever. Our fears will only become an obstacle that we can’t get around.

  • Avoid Media: Before going on a trip, avoid anything that talks about the dangers of air travel. Don’t listen to the media.
  • Trust Your Pilot: Who has gone through the training? That’s right, the pilot. So, trust everyone who is in charge.
  • Ignore the Fantasties: It’s unlikely that one of those ‘unlikely situations’ will occur during the flight. So, don’t spend the entire flight in your mind freaking out. Enjoy it. Talk to your seatmates. Read. Just enjoy the flight.
  • Be Prepared for Anything: Even though you should not read all those horror stories, prepare yourself for whatever may happen. Relax and make a plan to help.