How to Buy Travel Medical Insurance?

How to Buy Travel Medical Insurance

It is very unfortunate to get sick on a trip, but it can get even worse if you don’t have travel medical insurance. If you face a severe injury during your visit to a host place, you can be in serious trouble as getting private medical service is extremely expensive and time taking.

Accommodating insurance along with your trip can save you from many difficulties. If it gives you peace of mind as you don’t have to stay vigilant and extra careful all the time. Therefore, it is always recommended that you consider suitable insurance choices like Emergency Medical Evacuation (medevac) and Trip Cancellation Protection (TCI) before starting the journey.

The complete detail of the insurance services is given below:

Medical Coverage package:

Medical Coverage packages consist of a combination of different medical services. For Example, if you are traveling to Europe for only a few days, you can select an inexpensive policy to cover your “just in case” medical emergencies.

If you select TCI and other necessary services, the insurance covers around $50,000 as a minimum medical emergency cost. You can select the one with ever more coverage cost as it all depends upon your needs. In addition, the option to remove TCI from the bundle is also obtainable, so you can just select the one you think are important for you.

According to experts, if you are traveling to a developed country, getting $50,000 insurance is enough to cover up. However, you may need to increase up the limit in case you are traveling to a less developed country.

Yearly Medical Services and Emergency Medical Evaluation (medevac) Coverage:

If you are a frequent traveler, then choosing insurances for trips all the time can be very expensive. Yearly or six months medevac and other medical services is the best option for situations like these. These yearly policies are specially created for travelers who take a lot of short trips throughout the year. There are other long term policies also, but their price and cost coverage rates vary differently.


Most medevac services are designed in a way that they transport the patient to the nearest hospital or back to the US. Thus, getting treatment from the local hospital is obligatory. Furthermore, the insurance will only support the expenses of back to the US transportation process if there is no adequate insurance service available.

You need to make all the arrangements for the emergency services so that the insurance corporation can handle the situation in time. In the later phase, if you try to do things yourself, the insurance will deny its Coverage.

Getting help from Credit Card:

Although a lot of premium credit cards claim that they will cover up medical emergency services in a foreign country, it is not always possible. Most credit cards only use it in their documentation, but in actual, it is only file claims. So make sure that you acquire assistance from a legal person before going for this option.

Travel medical insurance should be a necessary part of your trip if your health condition is not excellent. A travel trip can be very unpredictable; therefore, make sure that you do proper insurance planning.