How to Disinfect Your Suitcase

How to Disinfect Your Suitcase

Traveling is a wonderful opportunity. But, we can all agree that we don’t end up in the most sanitary places. With the way the world is now, it’s important to know how to clean your suitcase to get rid of all the lingering germs. Here’s how to disinfect your suitcase.

Cleaning the Wheels and Handles

You mean not think about having to clean the wheels of your suitcase, but they are the most important parts that should be cleaned. Using a disinfectant wipe, carefully wipe away all the dirt and grime picked up from the ground. Afterward, focus on the handles. Spray it good, and wipe it down.

How to Clean the Fabric of a Suitcase

Treat fabric suitcases, like you would with your clothes. Before you use any cleaning products on the fabric of your suitcase, make sure whatever you use doesn’t leave an unsightly mark or discoloring. With a Clorox wipe, clean the entire bag; preferably the bottom.

The bottom of the suitcase picks up the most dirt and germs.

What if my Suitcase Doesn’t Have Fabric?

To any travelers who own travel bags that are hard-cased, you really need to give it a good clean. Like the fabric suitcase, test out a wipe to make sure that it doesn’t leave any unsightly markings behind. Clean every inch of the outside of your suitcase.

Tips for Cleaning the Inside of a Suitcase

Instead of applying a regular Clorox wipe, a vacuum cleaner will work to clear out the inside of a suitcase. Don’t leave the zippers out of this. For any stains, use a Tide To Go stick.

Before you pack that suitcase away in the closet, check to see if it is dry. Suitcases that don’t dry up will only cause mold.