How to Pack Food and Drink for a Flight

How to Pack Food and Drink for a Flight

Airplane rides tend to be long and tedious. At some point, your stomach is bound to start rumbling like a hyena. What snacks and drinks should I pack for a flight? We’re glad that you asked because we will provide an answer.

First Things First

Never pack food or drinks into your bag prior to going through security. Security makes you throw the food away. Instead, pack food after you have finished with security. Once security is over, there are many restaurants or stores that sell food and snacks.

However, if you don’t fill up a plastic water bottle prior to going through security, you won’t have any problems.

Recommended Foods for Air Travel

  • Sandwiches: It’s okay to bring any sandwich on a plane. As we said, you’re going to get hungry. Make sure that this sandwich won’t fall apart on you. Messes are not fun.
  • Snacks: Crackers, crunchy foods, candy, chips, and cereal. Definitely bring candy for that sweet tooth. You’re going to need some snacks to keep your stomach happy. Not just for the flight, but keep snacks on you for the whole trip.
  • Salads: It may be tough to eat a salad on a plane, but you can eat one if the tray table sturdy enough.

Recommended Drinks for Air Travel

  • Water: Water should be the #1 drink on your list. It is very important to stay hydrated. Either buy a water bottle prior to getting on the flight or as we mentioned, place that empty plastic water bottle in your travel pack when going through security. Most airports have a refilling station to refill your water containers.
  • Wine and Alcohol: You guessed it, buy alcoholic beverages after security. Pack everything in a secure bag to avoid leaks.