How to Travel Safely With Pets?

How to Travel Safely With Pets

Traveling with pets can be very daunting as it takes extra carefulness, management, and finances. If you are going to a nearby place, then you can put your pets in the car, small cardboard boxes, or metal cages to take them with you. But if the vacation is long and time taking, then handling them adds an extra burden.

There is a certain amount of risk involved when you take pets with you on tour. The pets who stroll around the house all day had to stay in metal cages, which can be very frightening for them. Also, the lack of comfort and sleep brings an addition to the problem. Because of these causes, many delicate pets suffer from death.

US Department of Transportation (DOT) stated in a report that 56 cats and 278 dogs died in transit beginning May 2005 to October 20018. Statistical information said that in 2017, 24 pets died during traveling, out of which 18 were in American airlines.

Significant causes that cause uneasiness for the pets include failure in the temperature control, lack of care, and poor ventilation. Handling these problems is not a difficult as it requires only a little care and attention. You can take a look at the following points to ensure that your pet stays safe during the complete tour.

Use Direct Flights:

If you travel using direct flights, you have less trouble dealing with loading and carrying your pets from the cargo along with the luggage. In this way, the repetitive process and unintentional mistakes can be avoided.

Travel on the flight as that of your pet:

Although the airline will take care of the pets in the cargo, you can still ask if you can watch the loading and unloading process of your pet. Complete satisfaction can be maintained in this way.

Do not ship brachycephalic animals:

Brachycephalic animals are considered unusual animals because of their unique head shape. Because of these distinctive features, they can be at high risk if they are put in suffocative areas. They are treated differently from other animals, so most airlines provide exceptional care for them. But since it is precarious because of their natural properties, it is better not to ship or cargo them.

Choose a flight that provides temperature control options:

Different regions have different temperature conditions, so it is essential that a constant temperature can be maintained in the flight or cargo. Therefore, before traveling, you should always ask about the adjustable temperature option in the airline.

Keep a proper check of your pet:

Before starting the adventure with your pets, make sure that they have a good health condition. Take them to the prescribed vet and confirm their checkups. Also, clip their nails to avoid them getting hocked during the travel.

Do not feed your pet before traveling:

Pets have delicate stomachs. Therefore, it is better that you do not feed them for four to five hours before the travel. You can give them a little water, but a hard diet will cause them discomfort during the trip.

Take special care of your pet during the trip:

While traveling, you can be very busy handling all the chores. In this time, make sure that your pet is getting all the comfort and sleep time. Additionally, carry a cozy blanket for them so that they can get a warm feeling.