How to Travel the World for Free

How to Travel the World for Free

The world is a great big place. It’s filled with interesting wonders. Who wouldn’t want to see it all? However, what if the cash to travel from city to city and live out your dream of seeing the world was a problem? Well, you don’t have to worry! What you mightn’t know is that there are any number of fun (and completely legal) ways you can get around the world for only a small fraction of the cost. Come with us as we give you a list of really cool ways you can make all your travel dreams come true without breaking the bank.

Pay Your Way Through Working

What if we told you that there was a way you could cover all, or at least most of your travel expenses simply by working for your living and accommodation? You could get that chance to travel around all you want and pay for virtually all of it by offering skills and services you’re good at. What’s super great about this is you could even make some more cash on top of it all.

As the years have gone by, this process has become a lot more streamlined and easier for people who wish to travel but don’t have much to make use of. Many companies out there today now offer you a way to find places where your particular skill-set are required, link you up there and have you do the job for the appropriate compensation. Classic examples of these companies include Workaway and Helpex.

A minor drawback though is the fact that the process of registering your information with these companies are a bit tedious and may require some sign up fees.

A shortlist of really great places to look are,

  • Workaway
  • Culturegogo
  • Helpx
  • Workingtraveller

There are several more out there, too.

See the World With Couchsurfing

Another great way you can travel the world and see some truly beautiful sights is through Couchsurfing. Wondering what in the world this might be? Well, Couchsurfing is simply a network of sorts where a large group of people all over the world come together on a particular channel and open their arms and homes to travelers for a brief period of time. Couchsurfing is essentially a platform where people who need accommodation and the occasional warm meal before moving on with their journey can find someone who’ll take them in briefly.

What’s truly amazing about Couchsurfing is the fact that the people who offer their homes and their couch or a vacant room do so at no charge at all.

In fact, the only benefit that they get out of it is perhaps boosting their profile on the Couchsurfing platform.

This one reason is why as a Couchsurfer, you are encouraged to repay that kind gesture through any small act you can. Any little thing from helping with the dishes and cooking to doing small household chores is usually a good way of saying thank you to those nice folks.

Getting Free Food

As far as expenses go when travelling the world, the most expensive item you need to sort out after transportation is food and eating expenses. The first hack we have for you one this particular topic is dumpster diving. While dumpster diving certainly seems odd, it’s not as uncommon as you might think. A lot more good food goes to waste than you can possible imagine in the country.

The second hack is popularly known as gleaning. This is becoming more and more common practice. Essentially, gleaning involves getting fruit from public places as well as from, individuals who grow really good gardens and are more than willing to share their produce for free.

House Sitting

This is arguably one of the best ways to get a good place to sleep when you’re travelling on a low budget. What’s the idea behind house sitting? In very basic terms, house sitting is an agreement of sorts whereby a homeowner who leaves his/her home for a certain period of time entrusts it to the care of another person (the house sitter). By agreement, the house sitter is charged with taking care of certain aspects or facets of the property.

This could range from anything like making sure that the house is in pristine condition for the owners’ return to ensuring that the dog is properly fed. Some homeowners just don’t like the thought of their house being empty and as such will be willing to take on a house sitter.

For a traveler, this is one of the best gigs you could get as accommodation is top-notch and you don’t have to pay anything for it. However, to make sure that you secure cool gigs like this, you need to make sure that you build a strong profile and list of references that paint you in good light. This will always boost your chances over those of the competition when it comes to landing the job.

The top places you can start securing these kinds of gigs include,

  • Housecarers
  • com and so on.

Travel Blogging

On the whole, every means of traversing around free that has been mentioned on this list to a larger or lesser extent has involved trading your skills and services in return for particular things and services that you yourself need. The same can be said of travelling bloggers.

Due to the nature of their job as well as the importance that is generally attached to it, it is not uncommon for an influencer or a travel blogger to go on very many sponsored trips or have his/her accommodation taken care of at no charge.

However, it is worth mentioning this is not at all how all travel bloggers and influencers started out their careers. In fact, it usually takes quite a bit of doing for an influencer to get to the level of having everything catered for at no cost at all. Often times, by the time most travel bloggers reach this level in their careers, they usually already have a pattern and style of travelling and living and prefer not to tamper with that.

Some other ways of getting around at very little cost to yourself include,

  • Hitch-hiking
  • Trading your services on a cruise ship in return for being transported
  • Skiing for freeing
  • Serving as a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) teacher, if you’re certified
  • Flying for free and so one.

As we’re sure you must’ve noticed by now, no style of travelling is completely free. However, many of the methods we have explained above are certain to help you travel comfortably within your budget. What’s more, you tend to travel in a way that is more practical, economical as well as eco-friendly. Some will definitely call all of this freeloading, but we have another word for it: Smart travelling. So, do have a great time seeing the world!