One-third of US travellers consider vacation this summer

One-third of US travellers consider vacation this summer

Even though the pandemic of COVID-19 is still on the verge of destruction, many US citizens have decided to take a vacation this summer. People have gotten so bored and tired in the quarantine period, which makes them think that taking a vacation is the only way for them to survive. Many aspects of life, such as finances, education, work, etc. have gotten affected because of Corona Virus. Because of isolation, a sense of loneliness has been developed in people, causing issues like anxiety, depression, tension, etc. Many think that getting a summer break and enjoying the vacation is the only way to help this situation.

A luxury travel operating company named Overseas Leisure Group, operating in 34 countries, conducted a thorough survey, according to which bright news for the tourism industry came in as more people are willing to travel. The hotels and resorts have started to open up because of the increased number of customers and travelers, so the summer vacation season is on the rising chart. As stated by the Leisure Group, people have started to move away from the crowds to more touristy destinations where there are fewer regulations to maintain as an obstacle.

According to this survey, 72% of American citizens are making plans to travel even during this great pandemic of COVID-19. On the other hand, the percentage of people wanting to travel this summer is 35%, but it will increase as the situation normalizes.

As businesses, offices, industries, factories, etc. are opening up, many people have started to come out regularly. It has magnified the rise of the travel industry too. People have already started to book hotels and mark their reservation on time. The estimated percentage for this is around 42%. With specific knowledge of cancellation in mind, people are only booking hotels with no deposits or cancellation fees.

Most of the people in the country consider that the travel industry does not need to change because of the pandemic completely. Although a pause may be necessary, which is continuing, a complete transformation is not obligatory, as 82% denied it in the survey. People have started to miss their previous vacations, which gives them a particular urge to restart their journey. Around 71% of people have begun to dream of their next trip. The other fraction is waiting for the latest news in the tourism business.