Top 7 Things To Pack For Any Camping Trip

Top 7 Things To Pack For Any Camping Trip

Even now, with so many technological advancements promising relief from stress, very few of these equipment or techniques have been able to successfully rival nature’s ability to easily rid one of stress. Life in the middle of a busy city takes its toll on anyone eventually. Escaping to the welcoming embrace of Mother Nature can do a lot to help you relax and calm down. This is one reason why camping remains such a popular pastime, even till now. Camping allows you to drop the heavy confines and restrictions that come with living in the 21st century and simply unwind.

When you feel the stress piling on, and you happen to have a little free time on your hands, outdoor camping with family and/or some friends can be a really powerful tool to help you take the edge off. So if you’re a bit of a greenhorn when it comes to camping or you’re a veteran and have several years of camping experience under your belt, here are a few tools you can have handy next time you go camping. Each item is guaranteed to improve your camping experience and help you be more in sync with the world around you.

1. The Sleeping Pad

The quality of sleep you’re able to get while you’re in the wild is very important for your rest and relaxation time to be considered complete. Some basic reasons why sleeping on the bare ground isn’t very advisable is that it’s very hard and can be rocky sometimes. It also increases the likelihood of your catching a cold because of how wet the ground gets over the course of the night.

Using the Therm-A-Rest NeoAir XLite sleeping pad is sure to improve your sleeping experience as it not only helps keep you warm through the night, but also provides a huge amount of support for your frame.

2. The Comfort Pillow

Perching your head just right is an important part of getting good sleep, not just at home, but while camping as well. So while bringing your pillow to your camping outing might be a bit of an overkill, you’ll certainly be glad you did when it’s time to sleep and you place your head on the Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow. It is ridiculously easily to pack and it virtually guarantees you get a good nights’ sleep in the comfort of nature.

3. A Day Pack

We’ve observed that one thing that doesn’t paint the camping experience in the best light is the fact that it involves carrying a lot of back breaking equipment. That’s one reason why, if you’ve noticed, all equipment recommended on this light so far are versatile. They are easy to carry, yet highly useful.

So next on our list is the Ultralight Packable day pack. It’s foldable, with enough room to carry your camera, jackets, two bottles of water and many other essentials.

4. A Pair of Sandals

The Keen Newport H2 pair of sandals can be an invaluable addition to your camping gear. These fashionable yet practical and durable pair of sandals can do a lot to make your camping trip very comfortable for you. They are comfy to wear, don’t constrict your feet and are just as easy to wear when they get soaked due to rain.

5. The Sleeping Bag

As we’ve said, you can significantly improve the entire feel of your camping trip if you opt for lighter and easier to carry equipment. The sleeping bag is a very essential equipment to have with you while camping but it puts most campers in a bit of a dilemma. The cheaper sleeping bags tend to be very bulky and difficult to carry around while the lighter ones tend to cost at least several hundred dollars. Wondering what to do? Well, wonder no more.

The Suisse Sport Adventurer Sleeping Bag is the perfect compromise for you. It isn’t as bulky as most other sleeping bags and it is compressible down to a size of 12x7x7 which means you can easily pack it in a 50L backpack. Awesome, isn’t it?

6. A Lightweight Tent

What’s camping without a good tent? Nothing, truth be told. The best tents are those that give you good coverage from the elements, lend themselves easily to being moved and are extremely durable. It’s important that the tent you choose for your camping trip meet these criteria as you don’t want to be purchasing a new tent every time you want to go on a trip.

7. Good Quality Headlamps

While the moon can be really bright out sometimes, on most nights it tends to give a glow you may not be able to see well by. It might become necessary for you to move about at night while camping. As such, you need a good source of light that’s easy to position and that doesn’t damage quickly. While most people tend to favor torch lights, we recommend headlamps as those free your hands to do other things more conveniently.

Our choice headlamp is the Shining Buddy LED Headlamp as it comes with a good grip and very long-lasting batteries for extended use.