Traveling with Medications: What You Need to Know

Traveling with Medications: What You Need to Know

If your job involves you travelling very frequently, you mightn’t really be given that opportunity to be able to easily get some rest or have access to a doctor or physician who already knows you, and has a working understanding of your medical history. Regardless, due to whatever reason, if you still need to travel it’s important that you stay healthy and fit while you attend to your various needs abroad. Considering all the restrictions that come with the handling, use and possession of drugs, how can you travel and still properly cater for your health needs? Stick with us and we’ll guide you through the basic knowledge and skills you need to have to be able to manage yourself well on the road.

Always Carry Your Doctor’s Notes

While the chances of being disturbed in a foreign country simply because you’re carrying more than the usual amount of drugs for an individual is very minimal, it never hurts to be able to present a note from a medical practitioner giving you the license to be in possession of such drugs.

A renowned medical doctor, Dr Christopher C. Hollingsworth further explains that in addition to the fact that you are allowed to take as much drugs as you need anywhere, provided they aren’t illegal, once you can tender a note from your doctor approving that drugs’ use for you, you’re virtually good to go.

Ensure That All Drugs Are Kept in Their Original Containers

As we have stated before, it is highly unlikely that you’ll encounter any problems, moving your drugs with you while you travel. It is your right and privilege anywhere in the world to carry drugs that aid your health. However, it is still always better to be safe than to be sorry.

One of the best ways to ensure this is that while travelling, you keep your drugs in their original containers, complete with your name and details on the bottle to facilitate easy identification. It’s definitely possible that the original containers might be too bulky to move around. If that is the case, either subscribe to the use of pill organizers or make friends with your pharmacists and have them provide you with bottles that you can use for moving your drugs while on the road.

Keep Your Medicine in a Carry-On Luggage While You Travel

This is another very important aspect of travelling with your important drugs. Where you keep your drugs while you travel can save you a lot of trouble. While there isn’t really anything wrong with keeping your drugs in your checked bag, doctors strongly advice you not do this.

There are several very practical reasons for this. The first being everyone has probably lost some luggage at the airport at one point in time or the other. Keeping your drugs in a carry-on rather than in the checked bag just might save you this headache. The second reason is the condition of most cargo holds. A good portion of them aren’t temperature controlled. This means that there is a high risk of your drugs going bad.

Be Extra Careful When Travelling with Narcotics

This is something that begs careful handling. When you’re travelling, especially flying and you are in custody of narcotics drugs, it is always prudent practice to keep your prescription documentation as well as your doctor’s note handy. To be clear, all of this isn’t officially required by the TSA for clearance. However, drugs like Percocet and Vicodin have a history of being heavily abused. Having your medical details handy can go a long way in saving you any unnecessary hassle with the authorities.

If you want to be sure you are fully covered, you can go the extra mile and have a photocopy of not just your doctor’s note but also your prescriptions. As a result of the fact that prescriptions are always clearly dated, once you tender one which carries the signature of your doctor, you will be cleared almost immediately. In addition to the above, it never hurts to also have the telephone number of your doctor and your pharmacist. All of this will only serve to further cement the rights you have to carry the drugs that you do.

Be Careful Where Herbal Medicines are Concerned

It is very crucial for you to exercise a great deal of caution when it comes to moving herbal medicine across country borders. It is very important that before you attempt to travel with herbal medicines, you find out what the stand of the country you’re visiting is on such products. A key thing to note here is that the policy of one country on herbal medicines differs from those of another country. In addition, these laws are liable to change over time so it is important to keep yourself updated of such developments.

Furthermore, don’t forget to properly tag and label the containers you’re moving the medicines in. By so doing, the chances of a misunderstanding ensuing become minimal

Find Opportunities You Can Exploit To Refill Your Prescriptions While Overseas

As a rule, your prescriptions cannot be filled anywhere outside the country. In addition to this, neither your doctor nor your pharmacist has the power to make a call or send an email that’ll get your prescription refilled for you. However, should you find yourself out of drugs and in a real pinch, there’s a trick you might be able to use to get the drugs you need without having a prescription, depending on what country you find yourself in. If you happen to know the name of the drug, you could simply walk into a pharmacist and have it refilled.

However, this method of approach comes with quite a bit of risk. You might encounter drugs with the same names as the ones you’re looking for yet, they do entirely different things. Another risk associated with this is the exposure you get to fake or counterfeit drugs. This is why unless you absolutely have to, we do not recommend you do this. If however, the situation does call for it, make sure you get directed to a legit drug store by either your hotel or another veritable source. Once at the pharmacy, be sure to double-check with the pharmacist that the drug you’re getting will serve the intended purpose as well.